Our Testimonials: See what others have had to say!


“I had a channeled session with Lori today and it was incredible.  Lori took a few minutes before we began to explain how it would be.  I felt very at ease and had my questions ready.  The session was incredible and all my questions were answered in great detail and I received so much more than I expected.  During the experience I was connected to the divine energy, we were all one.  I was very impressed with Lori’s skill and very clear delivery of the messages received and I was very happy with the information given to me.  I highly recommend a session with Lori and you will likely want to come back for more! I’m filled with love and heartfelt blessings!”

– Marie B.


“I just listened back to the recording and I’m on an All-Time-High! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You channel such high vibration Light Beings because you are so high vibrational!  It’s so wonderful! I’m so grateful to be part of your Soul Family!  You are Divine!  This is the best recording I’ve ever heard in my life!  Lookout World!  The floodgates have opened! ❤️❤️❤️ This recording will MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE FOR ME!  So happy!  Such a gift!  Thank you!”

–  Anne Marie S.


“Lori is a Channel Extraordinaire!  Her unique gift to channel the highest wisdom comes through with astounding, delicious, reassuring clarity and directness, infused with the utmost love.  I felt like I was kissed on my forehead by the Angels!!  Knowing I am fully supported, I feel an even greater level of freedom to be, do and have whatever I choose.  Life is a gift as is Lori.”

Jill Lebeau, LMFT


“Lori, you’re so good!  I love Abraham and I love The Council, but I have to say yours is so different.  Somehow easier to understand.  More relatable to me.  I can really get it.  And with terms I have never heard before.  It’s really, really pure.”

–  A.  Libbey


“My session with Lori was amazing. I felt so supported by the guidance I received and she and The Light guided me to see some patterns and beliefs that I had not realized yet. They assisted me in the most loving way to elevate above what I perceived as limitation and helped me into seeing my creator being and how I can create my perfect life with ease.  I am so grateful that I came across Lori and allowed myself this experience.  She is nothing less than amazing.”

–  Matilda L.



“Wow!!!! I just had a session with Lori this morning and the wisdom to so many keys areas in my life was profound. Thank you so much Lori. I will be listening to the recording many times.”

– Troy T.


“BRILLIANT – BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thank you so much Lori.  What a sweet, gentle, approachable, warm and wise energy you bring through.  I love the mmmmm, as Light contemplates and connects. And the mmmmm with a little chuckle too – so fun, playful, intimate and loving.  I LOVE the casual language and the easy flow of conversation.  It feels like talking to a best friend who has known me for lifetimes…. someone who knows what I want and where I’m stuck… then gives simple, clear input on how to get what I want.  I asked three questions looking for help in areas where I feel stuck and uncertain because I’m not getting the results I intend.  I got simple, powerful, clear feedback.  My being knew immediately when I heard what I was seeking.  I felt instant relief as The Light brought quick clarity.  And everything shared today rings true to what I know about how the universe works and about how we create here as masters.”

Trish Michaels


“I am grateful that Lori is channeling, The Light, which comes through as a clear, gentle, positive influence. The Light willingly affirms that all is well and we are perfect just as we are. The Light provides guidance on how to co-create what we desire with suggestions on how to align our energies to make it happen. I am impressed with Lori’s capabilities whether it is providing an individual session or in a group setting. I encourage you to book a session and have fun growing in your own light with The Light.”

–  Sherry S.


“The session I had with Lori felt like being rocked in angels wings! It was very soothing and I received information and answers to my questions about my life and path. I highly recommend a session with Lori!”

–  Patricia J.


“I too have received a beautiful message from Lori and the guides.  They confirmed so much about my Crystal Weavings and where I have entangled with limitation previously.  I felt empowered and loved.  The clarity was amazing!”

–  Laura Summers