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Subscribe to our Monthly Group Channeled Q&A Calls with The Light!

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering the option for you to subscribe to our Monthly Channeled Group Q&A Calls with The Light!   It’s really easy, just click the “Subscribe Now” button below to set up a recurring donation amount of your choice!  And of course, we are happy to continue offering the option for you to individually purchase our Monthly Channeled Group Q&A Calls with The Light and/or any of our previous recordings as well! 

We want to make this channeled love, guidance, and support available to all those who are a match to it, and because of that, we’re excited to allow you to decide what monetary gift feels good to you to offer for these calls!  Yes, really!  Please choose a value that feels comfortable and affordable to you!  Truly, no amount is too big or too small and every contribution is received with love, joy, and appreciation!  Please check out our new Subscription FAQ Page if you have any questions!   

 *    Click here to join our next Live Group Channeled Q&A With The Light or to purchase recordings from any of our previous Group Channeled Q&A Calls! 

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