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When The Big Picture Causes Fear

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So you take the big picture, and you put it down into now, and you’ve just collapsed time and space. 

And that is why you feel panic, that is why you feel uncomfortable, that is why you feel uneasy, that is why you feel fear. 

Because you’ve taken the outermost expanded reality, potential, and possibility and you’ve collapsed it down into this moment and now, and there is so much that will happen between here and here, that you can’t see the way and that makes you feel fear and makes you feel doubt. 

So, we ask of you just to be in this present moment. 

“What feels good to me now?” 

We know that makes you feel safe and comfortable to know what’s coming and that is, again, part of the reason why we gave you the big picture that we did. 

Not to make you feel pressured, not to make you feel stressed, not to make you feel fear that you have to figure it all out because you do not. 

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