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Take The 5 Minutes To Reintegrate It

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So, take that 5 minutes.

Take that 5 minutes, and sit down, and be with the feeling.

Because it is the light of your consciousness, the light of your soul, that is going transmute and transform and reintegrate all of the fractured, fragmented aspects that have broken off in response to trauma.

They have been suppressed and they are coming up to be reintegrated at this time and it is the Divinely orchestrated time for this to occur.

We are with you.

We are supporting you.

We are helping you, at all times.

And again, we want to remind you, that it will never be bigger than what you can handle.

The fact that it is coming up to be integrated at this time, means that you are capable of it.

You have the tool set.

You have the consciousness.

You are ready to integrate it at this time, if it is coming up.

We know that it feels like a lot, that a lot is coming up and it feels like there’s no end to it.

But there is, we assure you that there is.

This is just stuff that has been reintegrating, letting go of beliefs that do not serve you.

And that is all part of your journey, and that is perfect.

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