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No Pressure Or Expectation

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There is no pressure or expectation from our side.

You can move at your own pace.

You are feeling like it is a have-to, and it is not.

We don’t feel that pressure that you feel.

We don’t feel that sense of rush or urgency of: “You have to do it right, or you could get it wrong.”

Because you cannot get it wrong.

We are not pushing you.

We are not forcing you.

We are not rushing you.

We are not meaning for you to take it in your human experience that is it imperative, or important, or that you have to, because you do not.

It is important and it is your soul-path, but you can allow it to unfold over years. 

You don’t need to figure it all out today.

We are here to support you, to love you, and guide you along your journey.

And we are.

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