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Be Easier On Yourself

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We want to tell you to be easier on yourself.

We want to tell you that it’s not that big of deal.

We want to tell you that it will all work out.

We want to remind you that there is Divine Orchestration and Divine Timing in all of this.

We want to remind you to love yourself because that is truly the highest desire that you speak of.

You talked about the Soul Desire behind the other desires.

And the Soul Desire is truly to experience yourself — all that you are — in form.

And the Realization that we speak of is to realize ALL that you are — to bring the higher dimensions of consciousness down into physical form.

So the Realization that we speak of would be to fully BE all that you are — in human form.

Now we understand that is a tall order because of all of the other physical beings around you and their belief systems.

The limitations that you agreed to play in when you agreed to focus yourself down into the density of physical form. 

Into the physical reality of the human experience.

And again, we want to tell you that nothing has gone wrong in any of this.

We are right here with you. 

We are always focused through you.

We are loving you. 

We are supporting you.

We are you, in a higher dimension of consciousness.

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