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Believing You Are Separate

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So, when you’re in a physical body, and you experience negative emotion, it is a true splitting from you, from you.

So, the you that is Source, the you that is non-physical energy, the you that is All-That-Is.

It is a splitting of the physical-human extension of you from the viewpoint and knowing of All-That-Is.

You came from All-That-Is into a world of density.

In a 3rd dimensional reality of form where you experience separation and there is no greater trauma that one can endure.

When coming from wholeness, when coming from completeness, when coming from Source, when coming from All-That-Is, then to step into a physical body and feel separate from yourself.

Separate from All-That-Is.

Separate from Source, from God, from who you truly are.

And to be born into an environment with others whose belief systems, whose realities, whose experiences tell you that, that separation is real.

That, that is what exists.

We know it is unpleasant later when it comes back up to be integrated, but it is part of the natural process and nothing has gone wrong with that.

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