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Why We Are Here

We are here in response to your asking.

We are happy to offer guidance and wisdom along your path, to bless you along your journey here in physical-human form.

So truly, we are always here in our Higher Dimensional Realms.

We are always guiding you, loving you, and supporting you from our Higher Dimensional Realms, but it is when our physical-human friends begin to ask questions that we are able to come in, in this form, to help answer those questions.

To help give you information and wisdom to help guide you along your path.

For truly, it is those who are asking that we wish to interact with.

We wish to give you guidance and information and wisdom to bless you along your path.

There is never any obligation from our end ever what it is that you do with the wisdom and guidance that we give you.

We merely share the wisdom and guidance with you to bless you along your path.

There is never any judgement or condemnation from our side ever.

There is never any expectation or obligation from our side ever.

For truly, you are all those Independent Free-Will Sovereign Creator Beings within your own selves.

And you have the right and ability to choose for you what it is you like to do with the information that we share.

We merely share it with you in response to your asking.

We merely share it with you to bless you along your path.

And indeed, whether you apply all of it, or some of it, or none of it, we have indeed blessed you along your path.

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